My work includes tables, chairs, dressers, chests of drawers, corner cupboards,  shelving and storage. I have a small well equipped workshop and access to the best materials and techniques to accomplish almost any job involving wood. As a specialist in meeting customers' particular needs I like finding good design solutions and can draw on my experience to achieve real quality.

All my work is seen through by me from the first meeting with a client, to delivery and completion. I present clear designs and samples, and comprehensive and free quotations before any work is carried out, so that customers can feel confident they are getting what they want.

(Traditional Woodwork Gallery)

These products include things such as chopping boards, play bricks, cooking utensils, spoons, picture frames, curtain pole brackets , even jewellery boxes - anything small in wood in fact. Things like this which I make are available from me direct on inquiry. I also sell chairs and stools to order through the workshop.

I work with local woods or hardwoods from the temperate forests of Europe and North America.  Source is important so I find it simpler not to use rainforest timbers. For me environmental considerations come down to the economics of making sure there is wood for the next generation, and not wasting it. The things I make are made to last.

Furniture - fitted and free standing.

Treen means small objects made from wood, or literally "of a tree".

Environmental considerations have always informed my work.

I have produced a wide range of furniture both free standing and  fitted over more than twenty years.

I sell chopping boards, spoons, bowls, picture frames, even jewellery boxes - anything small in wood in fact. You can buy direct from me (see contact details) or from the displays in the farm shop, at Tablehurst Farm, Forest Row, or in Norfolk, from ‘Back to the Garden’, near Holt, and ‘The Greengrocer’ in Earlham Road Norwich. If you have something particular you are after give me a ring. Chairs and stools are available too in this way as well as by commission (also see Green Woodwork page)

“Treen” or literally "of a tree"- any small object made from wood.